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From your local Sacramento neighborhood expert, Carlos Montoya

Booming Hispanic homeownership helping fuel U.S. housing market

  For years, the myth of easy, accessible American homeownership and upward mobility—the caricatured image of white picket fences, suburban living, and keeping up with the Joneses—has needed a refresh in light of post-recession realities and the affordability crisis. But, with looming…

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How Tax Law Will Help Some Housing Markets

      The  is expected to create winners and losers among housing markets across the U.S., dealing a blow to high-cost coastal regions but potentially fueling demand in places in the middle of the country. The law filers can deduct, a…

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Struggling to buy a house? Now may be a better time to search

http://www.sacbee.com/news/business/article158965114.html     The summer’s overheated housing market in the Sacramento region has given way to a slightly cooler and saner experience for buyers this fall. The time that houses spend on the market has lengthened, prices have softened, and…

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