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What To Do When Your Home Won’t Sell in Sacramento

Home won’t sell? The housing market is faring much better than it was a few years ago but that doesn’t guarantee your home will sell. Sales have skyrocketed all over the Sacramento area including Folsom, Roseville, Granite Bay, Elk Grove and many other highly sought after neighborhoods. Still, even though the climate has improved – many home sellers are still experiencing difficulty in selling their homes. If that “for sale” sign has been sitting in front of your home much longer than you anticipated, you might be wondering: What do I do when my house won’t sell?

This is why it’s best to consult with a real estate agent, it’s hard to sell a home in Sacramento without one. I have a few golden rules that home sellers who have had a house sitting longer than 90 days should abide by.

#1 – Lower your asking price

While this is the most common suggestion, it’s often the homeowners asking price that’s the problem. “Quite often we see sellers making the mistake of factoring in what price they need in order to sell the property,” says Carlos Montoya of Dean Adams residential brokerage in Sacramento. “Need is desire and isn’t a factor in establishing market value whatsoever.”

Another common reason sellers often price their home above the market value, Montoya says, is because they’re fearful that they’re selling for too low of a price and don’t know what their home is really worth. But he adds: “It’s really hard to undervalue a property these days. When the price is too low, buyers bid it back up to market value with multiple offers amongst themselves.”

As for how far to cut your asking price, it’s important to make it count, says Montoya. “Chopping $1,000 off your asking price won’t be effective on a $400,000 listing,” he says. “The right formula would be to reduce the asking price by 2%”

He adds that making a one time larger price reduction is better than lowering the asking price many times in small increments.

#2 – Make sure the home is immaculate

Hopefully you cleaned your home prior to putting your home on the market, but perhaps you didn’t clean your house as thoroughly as you thought you did. “Cleaning the exterior and interior of the home by replanting, painting or updating floors or carpeting can make a huge difference,” says Carlos Montoya. He recommends paring down personal belongings to “make the home look larger”.

You should onsider boarding your pets during the sale period. “If the pet odor is apparent, it’s a real turnoff to some prospective buyers,” Montoya says. He suggests temporarily removing them from the house when prospective buyers are around inspecting the home, and, if possible, boarding them or having them stay at the home of a friend or family member.

 Deep thorough cleaning of your home can help your house sell fast in Sacramento.

#3 – Change Your Real Estate Agent!

fire-real-estate-agentIf you get the feeling that your agent doesn’t have the time or motivation to sell your home or your listing has been on the market forever, it’s time to work with someone else. “It’s cruciall that when list your home that  you go with a local Sacramento real estate expert – an agent that’s knowledgeable and has a solid marketing plan to get your home sold,” Montoya says. “Too often I see sellers going with agents that discount their fees – cheaper isn’t better.”

It’s very understandable, that you want to keep as much profit from the sale of your home as possible, but realize one thing – real estate agents exist for a very good reason. The best real estate agents in Sacramento know what they’re doing. The bad ones, Montoya says, may not have a clue how market your home effectively. If you decide to make a switch, be sure that you completely dissolve your contract. The worst thing you can do is have an agent still working to sell your house while you’re working with someone else. It creates serious problems for all parties.

#4 – Fix whatever needs fixing.

Easy to do if you know that there’s a glaring problem with your house, but what happens when it’s something subtle you never even noticed?

Again, this is why it helps to go with a knowledgeable Sacramento Real Estate agent that can identify things like patterns in behavior amongst potential buyers. If you’ve had a hundred people marching through your home and many of them reiterate the same deficiencies, it’s time to fix the problem. If and when you’ve fixed the issue, let everyone know about the changes, Montoya advises. “Take new photos of the areas that were changes and post them every and anywhere,” he says. “Facebook, Twitter, the MLS and all the home selling websites.”

#5 – Take Better Photos

“These days, over 90% of potential home buyers begin their house hunt on the Internet. These days, first impressions are everything when it comes to homebuying, especially online. The more photos, the better,” says Montoya. He recommends scrutinizing your current photos and seeing where there is room for improvement. Do you have many photos of the same area and not enough of others? Did you perhaps focus on the wrong elements to highlight your home? Lighting is also very important so he recommends making sure to hire a professional photographer that specializes in photographing homes for sale on the internet.

Buying or selling a home in Sacramento? Speak with Sacramento Real Estate expert, Carlos Montoya!

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